Fashion Friday

It’s Fashion Friday again! For today’s post, I’m going to show you a trend that you’ve probably already noticed – ruffles!

I have this Tory Burch blouse with ruffles on the neckline. These are the same sort of ruffles that I’ve done time and time again – only not for clothing, but for home interiors! One of my first jobs, years ago, was to add this kind of ruffle (called a center-pleated ruffle) to lead edges and bottoms of silk drapery panels and along the bottoms of the bustle-swags.

To this day, these panels are one of my favorites and I wish I had a good picture to show you this stunning detail! I have also added this center-pleated ruffles to table skirts, bedskirts, pillows and valances.

What made this discovery of the same ruffle on my blouse so exciting is that Tory Burch is one of my very favorite designers! I’m sure you have at least one pair of TB shows, a bag or maybe even this blouse! The Tory Burch collection is stylish, well-made, accessibly priced and has unique details. I aspire to do the same with the things I make for home interiors!

Adding ruffles to a top, skirt, draperies or bedskirt gives the item a detail that really catches your eye! I think ruffles can be girly and fun, or elegant and sophisticated – you just can’t go wrong with ruffles!

Check out all the ruffles in this room!

Take a closer look!

I love this Tory Burch top!

See how similar the ruffles are?

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